Bowties & Caviar’s JetSet Playlist 1

While I’m away, I figured that posting some music I’m listening to would be a great way to still keep connected with you all, since my wifi time will be limited between flights and the brief moments by my computer. Here’s a playlist I created for my in-flight listening entertainment to get me ready for my vacation. Hope you like it!

Also, for all of my international readers that are unable to play this list via Spotify, I’ll be including a full list of the songs and artists after the jump.


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Florals and Rhinestones


These past few days I’ve been running errands like crazy and stacked with work projects left and right.  On busier days I generally like to make selecting an outfit a little easier.  A dress is always a great way to take a lot out of the styling process.  Knocking out both top and bottom all in a single piece makes all the difference when you’re pressed for time and or energy.  Keep reading to see more photos of this look and some shopping ideas inspired by it <3 Continue reading

9W+InStyle Fall Collection Launch Party in Georgetown


Last night I attended the 9W+InStyle Fall Collection Launch Party at Nine West in Georgetown (1227 Wisconsin Ave, Washington DC 20007)!  Keep reading to check out more photos from the event, a peak at the Fall Collection designed by InStyle Magazine’s Editors that was released TODAY as well as the pair I went home with last night that I’m sure I’ll be wearing all Fall! Continue reading