Salted Caramel Apple Bars


Thanksgiving is around the corner… still need something to bring to dinner? Here’s a super easy, super delicious, dish you can whip up and enjoy with friends and family! Keep reading for step by step photos and the recipe :-)Read More

Interstellar Fun With Space-Themed Pieces


Last weekend, Interstellar came out in theatres.  The same time the Interstellar exhibit was in town.  Of course I went with something fun and a bit space-y with my outfit… that and I was really looking for a reason to wear these matte metallic sequined leggings (not that I really needed a reason ;).  Keep reading to check out photos of this outfit and some shopping ideas to recreate it!Read More

A Brighter Take on Fall Colours


Anyone who knows me, knows that as much as I love to keep up on latest trends, its really hard for me to simply just follow them.  I always ask B if I’m dressed outrageously but he seems to think that I dress in a way that suits my personality.  Often times I wear a lot of black, but my weird love for quirky pieces comes out every now and again.  Keep reading to see more photos of this look, Presley, a few tips on what to look for when shopping for vintage pieces and shopping ideas inspired by this outfit :)

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