End of Summer Grunge


OK, OK, I know, Summer isn’t quite over yet… we actually still have a few weeks of Summer left but usually Labor Day is an unofficial closing of the season (for some).  I’ve already got Fall on my mind and my outfit choices have started to show that little by little.  Here’s what I wore this Labor Day weekend while out and about with some of my lovely friends in Virginia Beach!  Keep reading for more photos of this look and some shopping ideas inspired by it! <3 Continue reading

Instagram Recap

I’ve been away for a week and some change, on vacation and now I’m back!!  To start, I’ve decided to do a quick Instagram recap of what’s been going on these past few days and starting tomorrow I’ll be back to my usual blogging <3 Enjoy! (and if you don’t already follow me, please do <3 I’d love to see your IG photos as well!)

Keep reading to check out the rest of the photos! Continue reading

Flourless Vegan & Gluten-Free Carob Chip Blondies!


No matter how healthy we try to be, sometimes you just have to have a snack. So why not make that snack a healthy one?!  I enjoy eating baby carrot sticks and having an apple when I have midday or late night cravings but there are times where it just doesn’t feel as fulfilling as having a big slice of cake or a giant fudgy chocolate bar.  Keep reading for the recipe to this super delicious, cake-brownie-like treat that will give you the same ‘sugary sweet’ satisfaction minus the massive amount of guilt (oh and its super easy too!) Continue reading