Interstellar Fun With Space-Themed Pieces


Last weekend, Interstellar came out in theatres.  The same time the Interstellar exhibit was in town.  Of course I went with something fun and a bit space-y with my outfit… that and I was really looking for a reason to wear these matte metallic sequined leggings (not that I really needed a reason ;).  Keep reading to check out photos of this outfit and some shopping ideas to recreate it!Read More

A Brighter Take on Fall Colours


Anyone who knows me, knows that as much as I love to keep up on latest trends, its really hard for me to simply just follow them.  I always ask B if I’m dressed outrageously but he seems to think that I dress in a way that suits my personality.  Often times I wear a lot of black, but my weird love for quirky pieces comes out every now and again.  Keep reading to see more photos of this look, Presley, a few tips on what to look for when shopping for vintage pieces and shopping ideas inspired by this outfit :)

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Presley Pug’s Halloween 2014


Halloween was a pretty low-key weekend for B and I but for Presley, it was a whole other story.  Presley attended the huge Alexandria Pet Halloween Party at Jackson 20 in the Hotel Monaco.  The place was packed and there were over 60 dog contestants dressed in costume.  Unfortunately, Pres didn’t win, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t look absolutely spectacular in his costume.  As requested, here are some photos of Presley dressed in his custom knight costume going as SIR PRESSALOT after the jump. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Enjoy!Read More