Mixtape Vol. 3


Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful week.  Here’s to a super fun weekend!


My Weekly Skincare Routine


Like a lot of people, I love getting my paws on brand new fancy products but sometimes its not always about shelling out the most money in order to get great skin.  While some, maybe most of those pricey soaps, clays and creams produce phenomenal results, they may not fall under the every day girl’s (or guy’s) budget. Here are some super affordable products that I have been using that have been keeping my skin (and my wallet) happy. Keep reading to learn more about what I’ve been using!Read More

2015 Mixtape Vol.2


Here’s my playlist for the week.  A little change from last week’s mix of treadmill-worthy songs, I’ve been listening to a couple of love songs lately while working for some reason.  I guess they’re a little less distracting.  Originally, I had a few upbeat songs on my list but after hearing Ellie Goulding’s latest song, I switched directions quickly and decided I was due for a sappy playlist haha. So I gathered some stuff from my recent starred list and here it is! Volume 2 for 2015.



Keeping Warm in Bright Wools


Pres and I are back with our first outfit post of the year! With the super cold weather in our area, it’s been tough finding a good day to dress up in something other than a giant parka, mittens, knitted hats and my bean boots.  Luckily, between the chilly days, mother nature decided to grace us with one moderately ok day, and of course we took advantage of it while we could.  Keep reading to see more of this outfit, where all the pieces are from, some shopping ideas inspired by it and some new news about 2015 for Bowties & Caviar!Read More

2015 Mixtape Vol.1


It’s the first Monday of 2015.  New Year’s Resolutions are flying all over the place and are in full effect.  Whether they’re losing a few pounds, training for your first marathon or simply getting up a little bit earlier every day, let’s all congratulate each other on making it through 2014 and here’s to making 2015 a bright and healthy one.  I’ve put together my first of many weekly ‘mixtapes’ for the year.  Those of you who have been to my blog in the past or are regular readers know I love sharing what I’ve been listening to.  Here’s a 12 track list of stuff I’ve enjoyed both at the gym as well as listening to while I’m working. Enjoy!